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Beautiful Wedding 3 Must-have Elements


【Wedding Planning Tips】

Every detail counts when it comes to planning a beautiful wedding.

I understand it's overwhelming when looking into all those pretty decorations. After years of observation at different weddings, I think it can be simplified into a few elements if not doing everything.

- Color tone

This is the first thing you need to decide before going to any vendor or buying anything decor item. Deciding a color palette of 2-3 colors will guide you through the design work with/without help of other vendors. This shows your style and give your wedding more character. Different colour create different vibes. For example, pink & white & green gives a natural romantic vibe while orange & yellow enhance the liveliness.

- Flowers

Even for someone prefers minimalistic wedding, I haven't come across one without any flowers. A well arranged silk/ fresh flower bouquet is one little pretty magical piece that will complete your look and make the day special.

Besides the flowers for bridesmaids and grooms, many florist also provide other pieces to help you with the decorations for the wedding Venue. Buying, renting, recycling are all great ways to get beautiful flowers.

- Photos of you and your groom

The photos are one of the perfect items for your guests to look at and talk about when they arrive. There are many ways of presenting the photos to make good decoration. A canvas and photo albums provided by the photographer are ready-to-use. Apart from that, photos from everyday and some framed ones will make some good complements. People love seeing the story of you and will be more connected.

Photo by Hyggeland


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