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Traditiona Japanese Bride x Modern Elements

Every time I have a strong feeling of wanting to create something new.

I make it happen.

Shiromuku 白無垢 style

The #Shiromuku#白無垢 is a traditional Japanese wedding kimono. We styled the bride in a modern approach with a touch of metallic elements.

Custom-blended a Coppery red lip color with a golden sunset eye makeup palette, effortlessly complementing the traditional vibe.

Hair: working with Mizuhiki 水引 on the bride's hair. We imitate the shape of water flows. Admire the beauty of nature.

A set of glassy hair accessories were made for this specific look and I am grateful for how it turned out so beautifully.

Foundation @narsissist

Brows & Loose powder @cledepeaubeaute

Eye makeup @natashadenona

Highlight powder @hourglasscosmetics

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