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5 outfits on your wedding day?


【Wedding Planning Tips】

Changing into one look from another is not as quick as how you usually change your clothes.

Especially when it involves gold ornaments(Chinese ceremony) and dress with corset back.

You will need a few pairs of hands in order to get everything well managed.

Not mentioning your make-up and hair need to be fixed/ changed to it's perfection.

Your precious gold ornament and beautiful outfits need to be stored clean and safe.

You need to shape your body with special underwear(this can be tricky) and make sure everything hide perfectly under the dress.

I had a bride who thought we could start makeup at 10am when she first approached and it turned out that we had to start at 5am instead.

The more number of looks you have for the day, the less time you have spending with your friends and family.

In Hong Kong, sometimes we do both Chinese and Western ceremony on the day.

Here is how the styles arranged and you will spend one third to half of your day in the changing room.

1. Qun Qua for the Chinese Tea ceremony in the morning

2. Wedding Gown for Church Ceremony/ outdoor photoshoot

3. Outfit for cocktail section before banquet

4. Wedding Gown for march-in

5. Outfit for the toast/ tea ceremony

I have some very smart brides who simplified it to:

1. Qunqua for Chinese Ceremony

2. Dress for outdoor photoshoot & church ceremony & cocktail section & march-in

3. Outfit for the rest of the night

These smarts girls had their time well spent with their beloved friends and family without stressing themselves out. Every look was nicely done and beautiful photos were taken with sufficient time allowed.

Quality VS Quantity.

What are your thoughts?

Photo by #Hyggeland

Video by #Bozzwedding

Earring by #dymonstudio

Flower and decoration by #fioriflorals

Make-up and hair by #sarahsbridalstyling




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